• Our company M/s. GSK Energy offers Operation and Maintenance services for coal, gas, biomass & diesel fired power plants of Rankine Cycle or Brayton Cycle
  • Our services can help power plant owners to maximize generation and reduce unplanned down time. To reduce fuel and other consumable for ultimate reduction in cost of generation, we undertake initial survey of the plant to identify bottlenecks & areas of concern from operational log books. We will implement the professional operation and maintenance methods. Our site team will help the plant owner to reach these goals. Through our services, our customers can generate energy more efficiently.
  • Our team shall consist of key qualified and experienced personnel and experts.
  • We also undertake pre-commissioning and plant start-up activities as per OEM's milestones. Throughout process we will provide the owner with documented, orderly and systematic commissioning of the individual systems and the final integrated plant.